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SERVICES > Fiberglass Repair

It is a full-time job to put so much effort and care into sustaining your vehicle's functionality and reliability. It is wise to take your car, truck, or rental van to the mechanic for regular preventive oil changes, and also ensure that you adjust the vehicle's tire pressure as the seasons change. Because your car is a representation of you and your personality, it only makes sense that you would want it to look good and perform at an optimal level.

In some cases, however, the fiberglass on your vehicle may need a little more refurbishment than a simple paint job. For example, if a collision or flying piece of debris cracked or shattered the fiberglass on your car, you would need to visit a fiberglass expert to properly fix the destruction. While most body shops are not equipped to do this work because it requires specialized training, at Judd's Body Shop, we perform collision repairs for vehicles of all shapes and sizes. So if you need fiberglass repair to restore your vehicle to its former condition, count on us to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Trust Our Skilled Professionals

Because fiberglass is a sensitive material to work with, you should trust only highly qualified professionals to repair cracks and breaks in fiberglass components, including:

  • Auto Body Parts

  • Cowlings

  • Fenders

  • Hoods

  • Bumpers

  • Front Fiberglass Nose Caps

  • Fender Skirts

  • Fifth Wheel Front Caps

  • Rear Fiberglass Caps

Our team of highly qualified technicians have a unique strategy: they blend fiberglass cloth with bonding resin and then use that blend to apply to the damaged area of your vehicle. After the mixture solidifies, they then blend it in by sanding down the surface and painting it to match your vehicle’s color. As a team, we are proficient at replacing large missing pieces and even manufacture complete fragments from scratch. Additionally, we also present fiberglass repairs on all of the automobiles that we work on.

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